Clothing & Personal Items

We ask that your child be brought to Nursery with clothing suitable for play. Please do not send your child to nursery in clothes that could be spoiled by paint, glue etc. as our children are encouraged to take an active part in all ‘messy’ activities.

Please always include at least one spare set of clothes as young children can and do have frequent ‘accidents’ and the Nursery garden can become very muddy when it rains.

Please label all your child’s clothing, shoes and wellington boots to prevent any confusion.

As your child will spend a lot of time playing outdoors, we suggest they arrive at Nursery with the following:

  • All-in-One suit for younger children
  • Cotton T-shirts
  • Soft tops/jumpers
  • Pull-on joggers (shorts in the Summer)
  • Waterproof coat (warm coat in the winter)
  • Wellington boots (all year)
  • Indoor shoes (all year)
  • Sun hat (warm hat, gloves and scarf in the winter)
  • Sun block, during summer months.
We strongly advise that children should not wear jewellery while at Nursery. If your child wears earrings please ensure that they only wear studs (for safety reasons). No other jewellery items are allowed.
We also ask parents/carers to ensure the children do not bring valuable items/toys with them to nursery as we cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage.
In accordance with national Guidelines, parents/carers of children who are not fully toilet trained, are asked to provide nappies, wipes and barrier creams as the Nursery is unable to supply these items.


To ensure that the children are safe it is important that parents provide sun cream and sun hats for their children to protect them when in the garden or outside the nursery.

The Health protection Agency advises