As part of its Quality System, the College has a complaints procedure which is internally audited. All staff will adhere to this procedure. Bishop Auckland College Nursery aim to provide a high quality, efficient and accessible service to parents/carers and children.

Evaluation of our service is regularly sought from children and parents/carers to assist in reviewing systems and facilities offered. We have a Complement/Complaints box in the entrance lobby area of the nursery, please use it if you wish to inform us anonymously of your views regarding the service we offer.

From time to time, a parent/carer may feel that they have a complaint about some aspect of our childcare service. Usually it should be possible to resolve any problems as soon as they occur. So please speak to a member of staff in your child’s room. If you cannot resolve your concerns with the member of staff in your child’s room, then you should speak to a senior member of staff on duty in the nursery. 

If the matter is still not resolved parents/carers should be offered the opportunity and given assistance to record their complaint on the relevant College form. The complaint will then be handled by the Quality Office and Ofsted will be notified as appropriate.If a complaint is made against a member of staff, the appropriate action under the Staff Disciplinary Procedure will be taken.

For a full breakdown of the complaints procedure, contact details of the quality department and an online complaints form please see the complaints page on the College website.

Ofsted details are available in the entrance lobby or from: