Partnership with Parents

Nursery to Home Diary Sheet

At Bishop Auckland College Nursery we recognise that, as parents and carers, you are the first and main educators of your children. You are our most important partners as it is you who makes the greatest significant difference in your child’s life. Therefore, a successful partnership between us is crucial in your child’s success and well being. 

Key Person

Your child will have a key person who will follow his/her progress and development whilst at Nursery. The Key Person will be happy to discuss with you the wide range of activities on offer at any time. You will also be invited to Parents/Carers evenings where you will have the opportunity to discuss your child’s progress and achievements with his/her Key Person.

Children’s Learning Journals

We follow the EYFS curriculum programme which guides staff in planning to meet the needs of every child. We assess each child’s individual needs by observing each child on a daily basis. We use photographs of children engaged in activities to inform staff and parents/carers of the child’s progress.  

Observing, reflecting, assessing and recording children’s progress is the key to future planning, to meet the needs of each individual child.  

Your child’s key person will keep a record of their progress in a ‘Learning Journal’. The Journals build up throughout your child’s time in nursery, providing parents with a wonderful keepsake of memories and magical moments for you to treasure once your child moves on to school.  

Parents are invited to contribute to the journals by providing photographs, creative work and information about their child. The Learning Journal also includes Summary reports which detail the progress made by your child.